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Getting Started: 5 steps to setting up your first Deadline Funnel campaign

Please watch this short video for an introduction to how Deadline Funnel works!

The goal of this article is to give you a basic understanding of how setting up your first Deadline Funnel Campaign works. We’ve broken this up into 5 easy steps.
Follow these 5 steps and you’ll get your first Deadline Funnel Campaign up and running in no time. 
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Before we jump into the steps, I want to introduce you to our Quick Start Guide:

This is a handy tool we created for easy reference when you're setting up your campaign. Which tasks are included in your Quick Start Guide depend on a few factors. Whether it’s a Fixed Date or Evergreen/Hybrid, what trigger you chose, etc. Under each task there is always a Help button and a Setup button. The Help button will take you to our article on how to integrate with your specific platform(s), and the Setup button will take you to the section of the admin where the actual setup happens. You can find your Quick Start Guide at the top of the left hand menu under Edit Your Campaign.
I’ll be referencing the Quick Start Guide several times through-out this guide, so keep that in mind. :)

Step 1. Create your campaign

You can find our full guide on How to Create Your Campaign here

Step 2. Set up your trigger

The purpose of the trigger is to establish a starting point for each subscriber’s unique deadline, so this part only applies if you are setting up an Evergreen or Hybrid deadline. There’s no tracking involved in a Fixed Date deadline, as the deadline is the same for everyone based on a fixed calendar date, so if you’re setting up a Fixed Date deadline, you can skip this part.
If you navigate to your Quick Start Guide in the Deadline Funnel Admin, you should see something like this:

You can see in this example that we chose the API Integration.

If you click on the API Integration box, you’ll see a page with a Help and Setup button. Click on the Help button to go the our article on how to set up the API Integration with your specific Email Provider, and click the Setup button to be taken to the API Integrations tab.
If you select an Optin Trigger, you will see a box for the Optin Form Integration instead, or a Page Trigger will just have Update Webpages and Test.
Note: If you're going to be integrating your deadline with your emails, then API or Optin are going to be the best triggers to use. If your deadline is just page based, a Page trigger is fine. If you find that you selected the wrong trigger when you first created your campaign, you can change that easily by clicking on the blue text at the top where it says 'You're currently using X to trigger each person's unique deadline" and you'll see a menu with all of the trigger options. Select which one you would like to use instead and the QSG will be updated accordingly:

Step 3. Integrate your page(s) with the timer

How you add the timer to your page(s) varies depending on the platform you’re using.
Navigate to the Update Webpages box in the Quick Start Guide and click on the Help button to go to our article on how to add your Deadline Funnel timer to the specific platform that you’re using.
When this step is complete, you should be able to see the Deadline Funnel timer on your special offer page. If you're using a Page trigger, then you're all set! You can skip forward to Testing your funnel.
Note: You can have multiple pages connected to one deadline. You can see and edit each page that's connected in the Funnel Steps, as well as click Add New Page to add a second, third, fourth, etc:

Step 4. Add your Email Links and timers to your emails

If you're using the deadline in an email sequence, you’ll need to integrate the deadline with your emails next. There are two pieces to this puzzle:
Email Links - Each Funnel Step in your campaign has a corresponding Email Link under the Email Setup tab. These links are used for tracking subscribers across multiple devices, and they're a key component in using the deadline with your emails. Check out our full article on how to use Email Links here.
Email Timers - You can add these to the emails that you’ll be sending to your subscribers. This way they can have a visual reminder of the deadline in their emails. as well as on the page. To find out how to add these to your specific Email Provider, simply click on the Help button below this section in the Quick Start Guide:

Step 5. Test your funnel

Testing your funnel is a very important step. We have two articles that walk you through how to test your funnel:
You can also find links to these in your Quick Start Guide under the Test box.

And that's it! You should be all set to go!

If at any point during this setup process you find that you need a little extra help, just give us a quick holler in our live chat box:

We're in there 8am-4pm Pacific Time, and we're happy to help! :)

You can also shoot us an email at

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