How to Link Deadline Funnel Campaigns Together (Daisy-Chain)

There may be instances when you want to include two deadlines in a single campaign. For instance if you have a product promotion that lasts for 10 days, and you want to offer a fast-action bonus that's only available for the first three days.

You will use two Deadline Funnel campaigns and three pages. For this example, we have two campaigns, a three-day campaign chained to a seven-day campaign.

Campaign 1

For this example, In the first campaign, we'll set up a three-day deadline with the following funnel step:

The after page will also be used as the before page for the second campaign.

Campaign 2

For this example, the second campaign has a 7-day deadline that uses the after page from the previous campaign as the before page in this

Linking campaigns works for Product Launch or Evergreen campaigns. You can trigger both campaigns using an API or Zapier trigger - just set up the integration/Zap so that the second campaign is started as soon as the first one ends. Alternatively, you can set both to begin at the same time and set up the second campaign with a longer deadline.

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