How to Create a Fixed Calendar Deadline

Use this when you know the exact date and time that you want your promotion to end for everyone. This option is best used if you are doing a broadcast style promotion or product launch.

Go to 'Create a new campaign', and select 'Product Launch' under 'What type of campaign do you want to create'?:
Add the specifics of your campaign, then click 'Save & Go to Last Step':
  • Name your countdown and select the product you are promoting
  • Set a deadline for your countdown
  • Provide the URL for your sales page and your landing page builder
  • Provide your After URL and email service provider
On the next screen, copy your Deadline Funnel tracking code and add it your pages where you want your tracking to occur and then click 'Finish':

Note:  If you 'skip' copying your code to your page, it's important to remember to come back and complete this step BEFORE you finish setting up your funnel.

Your Funnel Steps will be pre-populated with your URLs based on the information you submitted in Step #3:

Your new countdown has been created!

Note: You cannot use the same URL as a funnel step in more than one Deadline Funnel campaign. If you want to use the same page in a different campaign, clone your page and use the second URL as a funnel step in the new campaign.

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