How to use Deadline Funnel with Facebook Chatbots or Ads

Using Deadline Funnel with Facebook Chatbots:

You can add authentic deadlines to your Facebook chatbot automated sequences so that after someone subscribes you can let them know they have a specific number of days or hours to take advantage of your special offer.

Integrating Deadline Funnel with ManyChat

Integrating Deadline Funnel with ChatFuel

At this time, we don't offer email timers for chatbots, but we are looking into whether this is possible.

Using Deadline Funnel with Facebook Ads:

To take advantage of authentic deadlines with your Facebook ads, you simply add your Deadline Funnel Tracking Code to the landing page for your Facebook Ad.

You will use the regular URL for your landing page in your Facebook ad and be sure to add this URL to your Funnel Steps in Deadline Funnel. Deadline Funnel will track your visitors based on both cookies and their IP address.

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