How to Choose a Campaign Type

There are three different types of campaigns you can use with Deadline Funnel: Fixed, Evergreen, or Hybrid.


This option is great for any marketing funnel where each lead shares the same fixed deadline.
Examples include: Product launches, one time promotions, flash sales, or any kind of promotion where everyone has the same deadline.
The Fixed deadline is the same for everyone in your funnel, so there's no tracking involved. You select the date and time that you would like the deadline to be and once that deadline comes, we'll redirect everyone away from your special offer page.
You can find more information on how to set up your Fixed campaign  here.


This option is great for any marketing funnel where each lead's deadline is determined by when they enter the funnel.
Examples for this type of campaign include: Lead generation funnels, email follow-up sequences, upsell pages, automated webinars, or any kind of marketing where leads are starting on an ongoing daily basis.

Evergreen differs from a Fixed deadline, because it involves tracking each individual through IP Address, Cookie, and Email Address, and requires a point of entry, or what we refer to as a Trigger. You can find more information about the different Triggers and select which one you would like to use in the Quick Start Guide.

For this kind of campaign you can select how many days, hours, or minutes you would like the deadline to be. If you select days, then you can specify what time of day you would like the deadline to expire (we recommend using 11:59pm). 
Click here for more information on how to calculate out the length of your Evergreen deadline with the length of your email sequence.
You can find more information on how to set up your Evergreen campaign  here.


This option is great for any funnel where you want the deadline to be on a set day of each week regardless of when people first enter the funnel.

Example: You want each person to get their own unique deadline, but your special offer page needs to close on Thursday at Midnight each week, regardless of if someone enters the funnel on Monday or Wednesday.

Another option with the Hybrid deadline type is to "Add an extra week to the deadline if someone's tracking starts within this many hours of the deadline."

Example: Deadline is Wednesday at 11:59pm EST. But you want anyone who starts their tracking between Tuesday at 9am and Wednesday at 11:59pm to actually have a deadline of the next Wednesday (7 days later), instead of the Wednesday that same week. So you set the "Add an extra week..." option to 39, so that anyone who is tracked within 39 hours of the deadline (between Tuesday 9am and Wednesday 11:59pm) gets an extra week added to their deadline.

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