How to Integrate Survey Funnel with Deadline Funnel

You can integrate Deadline Funnel with  Survey Funnel using the rules feature. When your visitor completes their survey, their countdown timer will begin.

Create a new Survey or Edit an existing survey:

Once your survey is complete, navigate to 'Rules' and click 'Create your first rule':

Click 'Add a scoring condition':

When you see Score equals 0, click ‘Finish':

You now have a rule that will trigger whenever someone completes your survey.

Next, select the 'Start a Deadline Funnel campaign' action:

Navigate to your Deadline Funnel admin to copy your campaign key. You will find the campaign key under Edit your campaign >> Settings >> Code Snippets':

Paste your Deadline Funnel integration key into the Survey Funnel box and click 'Finish':

You have now integrated your Survey Funnel with Deadline Funnel. When your survey takers finish the survey, they will trigger your Deadline Funnel campaign:

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