How to Add a Countdown to Teachery

How to Add Countdowns to Your Teachery Pages

With Deadline Funnel you can add countdowns to your Teachery pages as:

  • Floating bar countdown
  • Inline countdown 
  • Both inline and floating bar

In this article we'll first discuss the Floating Bar method and then we'll discuss the Inline method.

How to Add a Floating Bar Timer to your Teachery Page

Start by clicking on the 'Tracking Code' tab in the left hand menu of Deadline Funnel and hit Copy:
Now go to your Teachery account, open up the page you want to add the countdown to, and click on 'Add Tracking' at the top of the screen:

Paste your Deadline Funnel tracking code into the 'Head Tag Tracking Code' box and hit 'Save':

Return to your Deadline Funnel account and go to Funnel Steps. Add the URL of your page, select the Floating Bar timer, add a redirect URL if you have one, and hit save:

And you're done! The Floating Bar timer will now appear on your page. :)

Note: The timer will not appear in the editing template. You will need to open the actual page to see it.

Next let's discuss how to add an inline timer to your Teachery page...

How to Add an Inline Timer to your Teachery Page

For the Inline Countdown, you'll start by adding the tracking code to your Teachery page as explained in Steps 1-3 at the beginning of this
Once you've added the tracking code, you'll need to add the URL of the page to your Funnel Steps in Deadline Funnel. This time select Inline Timer instead of Floating Bar:

Once you save the Funnel Step, a lightbox will pop up with some additional code that you'll need to copy:

Navigate back to your Teachery page and click on the section where you would like to add the Inline Timer, then select the HTML tab in the editing bar:

Paste the code for the Inline Timer where you want the timer to appear on your page, then hit 'Save':

That's it! Open up your page and you'll see the Inline Timer. :)

Note: The timer will not appear in the editing template, you will need to open the actual page to see it.

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