Several Ways to Integrate Deadline Funnel with Actionetics

There are several ways you can integrate Deadline Funnel with Actionetics:

Trigger a Deadline Using Optin Form Integration:

Follow these step-by-step instructions for integrating Deadline Funnel with a ClickFunnels Optin Page (New Editor):  Integrate with a ClickFunnels Optin Page

Be sure to select the Optin Trigger when creating your Deadline Funnel:
Select Actionetics as the email service provider and ClickFunnels as the optin page builder in your campaign settings:
Select Actionetics in the 'Email Integration Settings' of your ClickFunnels page that contains the Deadline Funnel tracking code:
In the New Editor, you will find your email settings under Settings > Integrations in the top navigation. 

Once this page is integrated, any emails and names you capture on your ClickFunnels page will be sent to Actionetics and your timer will begin upon optin.

Trigger a Deadline Based on a Link Click

You can trigger a Deadline Funnel countdown by having someone click a link in an email. Copy and paste your Deadline Funnel Email Link URL into your emails to link to any pages that have Deadline Funnel active on them. (Active means your Deadline Funnel tracking code is on the page and the page URL has been added to your funnel steps.) If someone clicks the email link before their countdown expires, visitors will be redirected to your Before Deadline URL. If their deadline has already expired, visitors will be redirected to your After Deadline URL.

How to Use Email Links

Add a Countdown Timer to Actionetics Emails 

Step-by-step instructions for adding the animated countdown timer to Actionetics emails can be found here:  
How to add Email Countdown Code to an Actionetics Broadcast

How to add Email Countdown Code to an Actionetics Action Funnel

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