How to Add an Evergreen Countdown with Price Discount to Thinkific

Integrating your Thinkific Sales Page with Deadline Funnel enables you to create an evergreen funnel offering a limited-time discount for each lead. Each deadline will be personalized on an individual basis, offering an incentive to join, on an evergreen, rolling basis.

You'll want to start by creating your Deadline Funnel countdown, and then follow the steps below to integrate the deadline with your Thinkific page.

Video Tutorial:

Note:  Thinkific recently updated their user interface, so the video may appear slightly different. We will be updating this shortly.

Create your Thinkific Coupon:

In Thinkific, navigate to Market & Sell >> Coupons to click 'Create New Coupon' and fill out the form on the following screen to create your coupon:

Next, to get the URL for the discounted course, navigate to Manage Learning Content >> Courses, click on the course with the coupon and then click, 'Preview Site':

When you preview your site, you will see the URL for your course page. Add '?', 'coupon=' and the name of your coupon to the end of that URL:

Note: You would replace the code 'urawesome' with the actual code you created in Step 1.

When you visit the course URL with the ?coupon=urawesome, you will see a discount on that page:
Copy your discount page URL and return to the Deadline Funnel admin:

Integrate Deadline Funnel with your Thinkific page

Navigate to Funnel Steps to add a new page and 1) add the discount page URL you copied from Thinkific, 2) select 'Display a floating bar', 3) add the Thinkific page WITHOUT the discount, and 4) click 'Save':

Navigate to Tracking Code and copy your Deadline Funnel Tracking Code:

Back in Thinkific, navigate to Design Your Site >> Advanced Settings > Site Footer Code, and paste your Tracking Code into the box and hit 'Save Changes':

If you visit your coupon course page, you will see a floating bar countdown timer on that page:
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