How to Add an Evergreen Countdown to Thinkific with Expiring Bonuses

Integrating your Thinkific Sales Page with Deadline Funnel enables you to create an evergreen funnel offering limited-time bonuses for each lead:

  • Each deadline will be personalized on an individual basis
  • Bonuses will only be available before the deadline
  • The course will remain available on an evergreen, rolling basis

Create Two Versions of your Thinkific Course

You will create 2 versions of your Thinkific course and sales page, 1  with the bonuses and 1 without the bonuses.

The duplicate course button can be found in the courses area of your Thinkific account. Click the 'Duplicate Course' icon:

Thinkific will ask you to verify that you want to duplicate the course, and will then send you an email when the duplication is complete.

Edit the duplicate version of your course to add your bonus content to the course and sales page. Be sure to name the 2 courses so that you know which course contains the bonuses.

Create your Thinkific Promotion in Deadline Funnel:

Preview the bonus course sales page in Thinkific to copy your bonus page URL:

Create an 'Evergreen' countdown for your Thinkific campaign and choose how your lead will enter your funnel:

Add your bonus course page URL as your 'Main Sales Page URL':

Add the regular course page URL (without the bonuses) as your 'After' URL:

Add the rest of your campaign details. click 'Save & Go to Last Step', and then click 'Finish':

If you click on 'Funnel Steps' you will see the URLs that you provided in the setup wizard:

In your Deadline Funnel admin, click on 'Tracking Code' to copy your Deadline Funnel tracking code:

In Thinkific, navigate to Design Your Site >> Advanced Settings >> Site Footer Code and paste your Deadline Funnel tracking code into the box and click 'Save Changes':
When you view your Thinkific bonus course page, you will see your floating bar countdown timer:

Adding an Inline Countdown Timer to your Thinkific Page

In Funnel Steps add a new page and 1) add your Thinkific URL, 2) select 'Display an inline timer', 3) add a redirect URL, 4) copy the HTML code needed to add your inline timer to your page and 5), click the drop-down for 'This is what will happen' and select 'They'll see an inline timer': and click 'Save Page':

Return to Thinkific and click to Edit your Bonus 'Course Page':

Click on the 'Description' box to add the code for your inline countdown timer:

Click the 'source' code icon to edit the HTML for your page:

Paste the Deadline Funnel HTML snippet into description box where you want your inline countdown timer to appear and click 'Save':

When you preview your Bonus Course Page, you will see your inline countdown:

That's it!

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