How to Use an Inline Countdown

This feature enables you to have your Deadline Funnel countdown appear inline anywhere on your web page. 

Click Tracking Code and copy and paste the Deadline Funnel code to your page. If your webpage builder gives you a choice of header code or footer code - choose footer, but it usually doesn't matter.
Click on Edit your Campaign (left nav)
Click on the Funnel Steps tab...
Click the 'Add new page' button
Paste the URL of the page that your prospects will see when they enter your funnel
Choose what will happen when they visit the page, 'They'll see an inline timer', and add the URL they should see after their deadline expires
Click 'Save Page' to copy your HTML Snippet and paste the HTML snippet into your webpage where you want your countdown to appear:

Next, navigate to Appearance > Inline Countdown, select the style you want to use and click 'Customize':

Here you can edit the colors, labels, and font of the Inline Countdown on your page.

You'll see a preview of your countdown in the admin so you can see the result of your changes as you edit.

Note:  You cannot use the same URL as a funnel step in more than one Deadline Funnel campaign. If you need to use the same URL in a different campaign, clone your page and use the second URL as a funnel step in the new campaign.

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