How to Pick a Page Type for your Funnel Steps

When you are adding pages to your Funnel Steps you have several options to choose from:

How to Choose what Happens On Your Page

  • They'll see an inline timer: You should select this action when you want to control where the countdown will appear your page. After selecting this action, you will see a pop-up that provides the code you should place directly on your page where your countdown should appear.
  • They'll see a floating bar timer: You should pick this action when you want your countdown to appear floating on the top or bottom of your page. No additional code is required for the floating bar to appear on the page.
  • Their deadline will begin when they opt in: You should select this action if you want the deadline to begin when your prospects opt-in.
  • Their deadline will begin through an invisible pixel: You should select this action when you want to start tracking a visitor without displaying a timer on a page. The countdown will begin as soon as your visitors land on your page.
  • Deadline Funnel will track their purchase: You should select this action when you want to track sales. You will add your after-sale Thank You Page URL to your funnel steps. Learn more about sales tracking pixels here.
  • The timer will not appear, but they will be redirected after the deadline expires: You should select this if you don't want to show a countdown on the page but you still want it to redirect after the deadline expires.
  • They'll see a dynamic text countdown timer: You should pick this if you want to display the text of the deadline, personalized for each visitor, on your page. Learn more about how that works here.

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