How to Add a Countdown to Your OntraPage

Note: You need to create a Deadline Funnel campaign before integrating with an Ontrapage.

How to add a Floating Bar Countdown to Your OntraPage:

Log into Ontraport and navigate to Pages:

Click the name of your Landing Page if you want to edit an existing page, or click 'New Landing Page' to create a new Ontrapage:

Navigate to the 'Tracking Code' section of your Deadline Funnel Admin and copy your Deadline Funnel tracking code:

Then, navigate to your Landing Page Settings and click on 'settings:

Paste your Deadline Funnel tracking code into the Custom Code box in the 'custom header code' box and click save:

Copy your Ontrapage URL from the 'Domain' section of your Landing Page menu:

Back in Deadline Funnel, navigate to Edit your campaign > Funnel Steps and 1) add your Ontraport URL to your Funnel Steps, 2) select 'Display a floating bar', 3) add a redirect URL, and 4) click 'Save':

 If you are using a Floating Bar countdown timer, you're all done!

How to Add an Inline Countdown to Your OntraPage:

Navigate to Funnel Steps and 1) add your OntraPage URL, 2) select 'Display an inline timer', 3) add your redirect URL, 4) copy the HTML code you need to display an inline timer on your page, and 5) click 'Save':

Return to your Ontraport Landing Page editor, and click 'Add Block' to add a Custom HTML block where you want your countdown timer to appear and click 'Done':

Click 'Edit Code' in the 'CUSTOM HTML' box and paste your HTML snippet inside and click 'Save':

Save your page settings and publish the page to see your countdown timer:

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