How to add a Countdown to a Kajabi Landing Page

Note:  You need to create a Deadline Funnel campaign before integrating with Kajabi.

There are different methods of integrating Deadline Funnel with Kajabi:

  • On a landing page
  • Using a Deadline Funnel email link in an email

Video Tutorial:

Add a Floating Bar Countdown to a Landing Page

Click on 'Landing Pages' in the left navigation:

Scroll down to the landing page you want to edit, click the 3 dots to reveal more menu options, and click 'Edit Code':

In the Templates folder, click on 'index.liquid':

Navigate to the 'Tracking Code' section of your Deadline Funnel dashboard and copy your Tracking Code:

Paste the Deadline Funnel tracking code into index.liquid file right before the closing header tag and click 'Save':

Click the Preview icon to copy the URL for your landing page:

Return to Edit your campaign >> Funnel Steps and click 'Add New Page' to add the URL of your Kajabi Page to your funnel steps as a floating bar timer:

Using an Inline Countdown on your Landing Page

If you are using the Inline Countdown type, you must complete these additional steps:

After you add your landing page URL to the funnel steps select 'Display an inline timer' and copy the HTML snippet needed to add your countdown timer to your page:

In the editor for your Landing Page, click the source code icon for a Text box:

Paste your Deadline Funnel HTML snippet into the source code wherever you would like your countdown timer to appear and click 'Ok' and then save your page:

That's it! Your inline countdown will now appear on your landing page.

Using a Deadline Funnel Email Link

At this time, Kajabi does not support adding HTML code into their broadcast emails or email sequences, so you will be unable to use 'deadlinetext' in your Kajabi emails.

However, by integrating Deadline Funnel with your Kajabi page, Deadline Funnel will track your visitor's email address when they opt in. 

You can then use a Deadline Funnel email link in your email that has the email placeholder at the end, so that all the tracking will work as expected.

You could add text like, 'this offer expires in 2 days', when you know the email is scheduled to send 2 days before your countdown ends. This isn't as seamless as we would like, but it's a workaround that you can use.

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