How to Let a Prospect Back Into Deadline Funnel

There are two ways you can manually override Deadline Funnel tracking for a prospect to allow them to access your 'before' pages even if their tracking in Deadline Funnel indicates their deadline has already passed:

You can look them up by email in the Deadline Funnel admin under Event Tracking and then delete their tracking by clicking the delete button in their row:


You can send them a public reset tracking link to delete their tracking, which can be found in the Deadline Funnel admin, under Edit your campaign >> Testing:

You will need to:

  1. Select the URL you want them to be redirected to after their tracking is reset
  2. Set the number of hours the reset link should be active
  3. Set a password to activate your link
  4. Save all your changes

Copy the Public Reset Tracking link and send it along with the password to your prospect.

This will clear their tracking and send them directly to the URL you set in Step #1 (people often use the 'Before' URL in their Deadline Funnel settings for this step).

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