How to Integrate Deadline Funnel with Actionetics (API)

This article explains how to connect Actionetics (the email service from ClickFunnels) with Deadline Funnel so that when someone subscribes to the list their Deadline Funnel tracking will begin. Note: You can also trigger tracking when someone makes a purchase.

Video Tutorial:

Create A Campaign

Create a new Evergreen Campaign and select 'The Deadline will start based on a webhook in my email provider':

Fill in the rest of the details about your campaign, click 'Save & Go to Last Step' and then click 'Finish':

Set Up the Webhook

Navigate to 'API Integrations' and select 'click here to create a brand new API connection, then select Actionetics':

Click 'Activate Integration with ClickFunnels Actionetics':

Copy the Webhook URL for Actionetics:

Return to ClickFunnels and click 'Settings' for the page you are integrating with Deadline Funnel:

Scroll down and click 'Manage Your Funnel Webhooks':

Click '+ New Webhook':

Paste the Webhook URL from Deadline Funnel into the box, select 'contact_created' as the Event, and click 'Create Funnel Webhook':

When someone subscribes in Actionetics, the information will be sent to Deadline Funnel and Deadline Funnel will start tracking their deadline.

Note: You will select 'purchase_created' as the event if you want to trigger your countdown upon purchase.

Important Note about Expiring Links

For the API integration to work you MUST use the Deadline Funnel  expiring links in any of your emails that link to a sales page with a countdown timer, or that link to a page in your funnel that links to another page with your countdown timer.
In other words, the API integration requires that your subscribers click one of the Deadline Funnel expiring links before they reach a page with a countdown. This is necessary in order to make sure each subscriber is assigned the correct deadline.

Don't Forget to Test

Be sure to send a subscriber through your Actionetics funnel and click on the links in the emails and verify that the tracking is working correctly. It's important to test your funnel before sending live traffic.

You can learn more about testing your funnel here: Testing Your Deadline Funnel Campaign

As of the most recent update to this article, Actionetics does not offer custom fields. This means that you have all the functionality of some of our other email software integrations... except for the ability to mail-merge the prospect's actual "deadline text" into your Actionetics emails. For more information on this feature, click  here.

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