How to integrate Deadline Funnel with a ClickFunnels Optin Page (Classic Editor)

Note:  ClickFunnels recently updated their interface. To work with the Classic Editor, click this link in your dashboard:

Navigate to the 'Tracking Code' section and click the button to copy the Deadline Funnel code:

Paste the Deadline Funnel code into the 'Footer Custom Tracking' box in your ClickFunnels Optin page settings, under Tracking Codes, as seen here:
Your Deadline Funnel tracking code is now on your ClickFunnels optin page.

In your Deadline Funnel admin, navigate to Edit your campaign >> Funnel Steps and add the URL of your ClickFunnels Page, select 'Start tracking on optin form submission' and click 'Save':

Please note:  If you are publishing a ClickFunnels page that has Deadline Funnel tracking code on it to your WordPress site using the ClickFunnels plugin, you need to choose the "Download & Display" setting for "Page Display Method" in the ClickFunnels plugin settings:

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