How to Customize the Floating Bar


The goal for this guide is to give you a quick overview of our Live Editor, which can be found under Edit Your Campaign > Appearance > Floating Bar.

Please note: The Live Editor is only used for customizing the Floating Bar timer. If you would like to customize the appearance of your Inline Timer or Email Timer, you can still access those pages under Edit Your Campaign > Appearance.

We've broken this down into the three main tabs:

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1. Template

In the Template tab you can select the Base of your Floating Bar timer by clicking Select Base, and once you've chosen the base that you like you can hit Save Selection:

Next you'll see a selection of color palettes to choose from. Each palette has a combination of colors and various options for how those colors are use: Bold, Subtle, and Medium. Select the color palette that works best for your page and hit Continue:

2. Content

In the Content tab you can add custom text to the Floating Bar timer, as well as enable the Call To Action button. The CTA button includes customizable text, as well as a place to input the URL of the page you want it to link to. Once you're satisfied with this, you can hit Continue.

3. Placement

The Placement tab is where you can control both the position of the timer, and the size of it.

For example, you can put the timer at the top of the page instead of the bottom, and if you choose the 75% or 50% size options, you also have the ability to move it to the right or left of the screen. This is especially handy if you have another widget on the page that you don't want the timer to cover up.


In the Settings tab you can set a delay for when the timer will pop up on the page, as well as turn off the Deadline Funnel logo.

Please note: The option to turn off the Deadline Funnel logo is only available to those with a Professional Plan or higher - But, if the branding is enabled, it links out to Deadline Funnel using your tell-a-friend link so that you can receive a commission if someone signs up and becomes an active user of Deadline Funnel. :)


The Translate tab is where you can change the labels on your timer.

A couple more things to note:

If you want to see a full view of your page, you can click on the little eye tab in the right hand menu:

You can also view the page as it would appear on Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile, using the buttons at the top:

We know that making sure your timer looks good on all of the pages in your funnel is important, so we made sure to include a way for you to see all of your pages inside of the Live Editor. To navigate between them, just click on the URL at the top and a dropdown will appear with all of your Funnel Step URLs:

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