How to Use a Floating Bar Countdown

This feature enables you to have your Deadline Funnel countdown appear as a floating bar at the top or bottom of your web page. 

Paste the URL of the page that your leads will see when they enter your funnel
Choose 'Display a floating bar'
Add the redirect URL for after the deadline expires
Click 'Save'

How to Customize the Appearance of Your Floating Bar Countdown:

Navigate to Appearance >> Floating Bar:

You can decide:
  1. Whether or not to show the timer
  2. Whether or not to show the 'close' icon
  3. The size of your floating bar (Big, Small, or Mini)
  4. Your Floating Bar Text
  5. Your Text Font
  6. The position of your floating bar
  7. The colors of the floating bar
  8. A delay before the floating bar appears
  9. Whether or not to include the call-to-action button
  10. Whether the call-to-action should open in a new link
  11. The call-to-action text
  12. The call-to-action URL
  13. The call-to-action colors
Note: If you're using the Deadline Funnel WordPress plugin, be sure that you download and install the latest version of the plugin to use these features. You can download your plugin in My Account >> Code Snippets:

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