How to add a Countdown to SamCart

Video Tutorial:

To Use a Floating Bar Countdown:

Log into your SamCart account and navigate to 'Products' to copy the URL for the product you want to integrate with Deadline Funnel:

Navigate to the 'Edit your campaign' settings for the campaign you want to use and click 'Add New Page' in the Funnel Steps tab to add your SamCart Product URL:

Select the action you want from the drop-down (we chose 'They'll see a floating bar time'):

Be sure there is a redirect URL for after the deadline expires and click 'Save Page':

Because we chose a Floating Bar countdown, next we click on the Appearance > Floating Bar tab to build and preview our floating bar and make any changes to the settings:

Navigate to the 'Tracking code' item in the left navigation and copy your Tracking Code:

Navigate back to your SamCart account, click on your Product > Advanced Tab > and scroll down to 'Embed HTML / Scripts in Footer and paste your Deadline Funnel tracking code in the box, then click 'Save':

Note:  It may take several minutes for SamCart to update the page once you have added the HTML code.
Once your SamCart page has updated, test the page by visiting the link and you should see your countdown floating at the bottom:

To Use an Inline Countdown:

Navigate to the 'Funnel Steps', add your SamCart URL, and select 'They'll see an inline timer' for the action from the drop-down and click 'Save Page':

A lightbox will appear with some additional code that you'll need to copy:

Return to your SamCart Products dashboard and click on 'Customize':

Scroll down to the 'Custom Content' box, click the 'Source' icon, paste your Deadline Funnel HTML code snippet into the box, click the 'Source' icon again and then 'Save Changes':

Note:  It could take several minutes for SamCart to update the code on the page.

Once SamCart has updated your page, you will see your inline countdown timer on the page:

That's it! You've now integrated your Deadline Funnel countdown into your SamCart sales page.

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