How can I use Deadline Funnel with my existing subscribers

"Can I use Deadline Funnel with my existing subscribers?"

Yes, you can definitely use Deadline Funnel with existing subscribers. For example, you can use Deadline Funnel if you want to trigger a Frank Kern-style "4-Day Cash Machine".

Several Ways to Use Deadline Funnel with Existing Subscribers:

The method with the MOST flexibility is using our API integration. If you're using an email service provider that we have created an API integration with, you can trigger the Deadline Funnel campaign at ANY point. We currently have API integrations with this growing list of providers:

Current Deadline Funnel API Integrations
Send an email with a link (to existing subscribers). Those that click the link will trigger the start of a Deadline Funnel campaign.  You will use a Deadline Funnel email link as the target URL for the email trigger link, which will kick off the campaign and send your subscriber to a landing page with your offer/promotion.
Put the countdown on a landing page. By integrating the countdown on the landing page and adding the URL to your funnel steps, visiting the page will trigger your Deadline Funnel campaign.

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