How to Add Email Countdown Code to Ontraport

Note: Ontraport's new email editor does not support Deadline Funnel email timers because they only allow you to upload a static image and Deadline Funnel needs to load a dynamic email countdown image. You can use the Deadline Funnel animated email countdown timer using the legacy Ontraport HTML email editor.

In the Deadline Funnel admin, navigate to Edit your campaign > Email Setup > Email Timer Code and click to copy the HTML Code you'll need to add the email countdown to your emails:
In the Ontraport HTML Email editor, click 'Source' to edit your raw HTML:

Copy and paste the Deadline Funnel HTML Code into the Ontraport Source box where you want the animated countdown to appear and click 'Save':

Click 'Preview' to see a preview of your email with the animated countdown timer:

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