How to Add Text That Counts Down to Your Web Pages

How to add Dynamic Countdown Text to your Web Page

This code will add text to your web page that is counting backwards just like your countdown timer.

Video Tutorial:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Add your Deadline Funnel tracking code to your web page and save changes:

Add your URL to your Funnel Steps and select either Inline or a Floating Bar countdown for the action. In this example, I used an Inline Timer so I copied the code snippet to my page where I wanted the timer to show:

Add your URL to your Funnel Steps a second time and select 'They'll see a dynamic text countdown timer':

Copy the snippet that appears after you save the dynamic text countdown timer type:

Paste the dynamic countdown text into your page and save changes:

Refresh your page and you will now see the dynamic countdown text which mirrors your countdown timer.

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