How to Use the Social Deadline Feature in Deadline Funnel

Note:  This topic is advanced and best suited for experienced marketers.

Once a prospect visits your site by clicking on an expiring link, if they then share your page (with the expiring link) with a friend, the friend will see the same amount of time remaining on the countdown timer as the original site visitor. Appending the email address to the end of your URL maintains the same countdown no matter when the URL is visited during your deadline funnel. 

This feature works without having to set cookies or track i.p. addresses.  Instead, Deadline Funnel reads the email address from that URL and responds accordingly. 

This social deadline feature happens automatically, so there is nothing for you to turn on or off.

This new feature was added at customer request and we're excited to add this to the Deadline Funnel feature set.

How does this work?

In this example, let's say you have a 7-day evergreen countdown that re-directs people to when the deadline has passed.

Two days into your 7-day Deadline Funnel, Josh clicks the expiring link and lands on your sales page.
Josh sees that there are 5 days left in the countdown, AND he likes the offer he sees.
He copies the page URL which has an email address at the end.
He shares the URL with his friend, Lisa, so she can check out your offer, also.
When Lisa visits that expiring link on the same day, she sees your great offer AND the fact that there are only 5 days left for her to buy.
If Josh and Lisa visit the URL the next day, they will both see that there are 4 days left in the countdown.
After the 7 days have passed, both Josh and Lisa will be automatically re-directed from your URL to, which is the URL we chose in our Deadline Funnel Settings.
That's it!
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