How to Hide the Countdown on a Page for Several Days Until A Predetermined Time

Deadline Funnel founder, Jack Born, created this feature to implement what he calls, the "Cicada Technique".

Background: Cicadas are insects that stay underground for 7 or more years and then suddenly spring up (simultaneously) out of the ground with deafening chirps.
Most people hate Cicadas - but you'll love this. Here's why:
In a live product launch you will send leads through your funnel and more than likely you won't talk about a deadline or put a countdown in front of them until LATE in the funnel. Typically with just a few days left.
And, when you DO start talking about deadlines and putting countdowns on your page, you would typically put them on the SAME pages your leads have been seeing during the launch.
So the Cicada Technique replicates this in an automated evergreen way by giving you the flexibility to put the countdown timer on any page but DELAY showing it until a specific number of hours left until the deadline date and time.
Imagine if your lead can go to your sales page once or twice and not see a countdown... and the next day you send them an email that talks about the special offer going away in the next 48 hours. And when they click the link - sure enough - there's a countdown on the page. It looks just like you or your team added the countdown timer a few days after they entered your funnel and just before you sent out the email to let them know about the deadline approaching.

Here's how you set the delay for your countdown:

Navigate to edit your campaign >> Settings >> Advanced, and set the number for 'hide countdown until this many hours left'. This determines when your countdown will begin to show.

Scroll to the bottom of the section and click 'Save':

That's it. Add the countdown timer to your page as you normally would. 

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