How to Control When Leads Are Allowed Back into A Deadline Funnel They've Already Seen

Advanced marketers know that even when you send the right message to the right market - it has to be the right time for them.

Deadline Funnel can persuade many "fence sitters" to take action now, but even with Deadline Funnel, some prospects aren't ready to buy.
But what about 30 days later? Or 60 days later? 
That same message to the same prospect might be in front of them at just the right time.

If you want to send your prospects back through your Deadline Funnel after a specific period of time then here's what you can do:

Navigate to 'Edit your campaign' (left nav):
  1. Tab 5, Settings
  2. Advanced sub-tab
  3. Track visitors forever, toggle to No
  4. Choose the number of days
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