How Deadline Funnel Tracks Leads

Deadline Funnel tracks your visitors by looking for:

  • Cookies on the device
  • An IP address match in the database
  • An email match in the database (if provided in the link)
The first two methods of tracking are used by default: cookie and IP address.
Although you can turn IP address tracking off, we recommend that you leave it on.
Obviously you'll have each lead's email address in your email follow-up system but you'll also need to get each lead's email address into the Deadline Funnel database in order to make this work.
For example, if you send a new lead to a Deadline Funnel email link, they'll be tracked by cookie and IP address but there's no way for Deadline Funnel to know the email address that you have in your email system.
There are several ways to tell Deadline Funnel what the email address is for a tracked visitor:
a) Optin form integration
b) API integration
c) Appending the email address to a Deadline Funnel email link
Option ' c' will store the email address in the database when the visitor is found by cookie or IP address. Here is how this works:
  1. The visitor has triggered tracking
  2. Deadline Funnel can find their cookie or IP tracking
  3. The email link they click has their email address appended
You can find your Deadline Funnel email links in Edit your Campaign >> Email Setup:

Once this email link is clicked, and the email address is stored, if the lead is then on a new device with a different IP address, and he/she clicks another email link that also has the email address appended, then he/she will be found and the records matched together.
The bottom line is that the best way to have a nearly fool-proof tracking solution is to use either the optin form integration or the API integration to add data in the Deadline Funnel database that matches information stored in your lead's record. You can then use this extra matching information to provide a backup method to find your leads if their cookie or IP isn't found, but you DO have information appended to the links in your emails. 

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