How to Track Visitors When They Reach A Page

There are many ways to start tracking a visitor using Deadline Funnel:

  • Optin form integration
  • API (if your email service provider is supported)
  • Expiring Link (when no tracking has been established yet)
  • Countdown on page (when no tracking has been established yet)
  • Invisible pixel on page (when no tracking has been established yet)

The last three all fall under the category of tracking a new visitor when they reach a page and no prior tracking is set.

Tracking using an Expiring Link:

Use an expiring link from the Deadline Funnel admin and when your visitor clicks the link they will be tracked if they aren't already being tracked. 

One nice advantage of this method is that you don't have to show the countdown on the page they see next.

Also, you can use the expiring link as the thank you URL for an optin form and take them to a thank you page and start tracking. Many people use an expiring link in an email, but how you use it is only limited by your imagination.

Tracking using a Countdown on a Page:

Simply put a countdown on a page that they are visiting and if the visitor isn't being tracked yet, then Deadline Funnel will start tracking and they will see the countdown on the page.

Tracking using an Invisible Pixel:

Like the expiring link, you can start tracking (if tracking isn't already set) and not show the countdown.

But instead of an expiring link you grab the invisible pixel form the Code Snippets tab and put that in your page HTML. Your visitor won't see anything and won't be redirected if tracking is already found.

You can find the tracking pixel by navigating to Edit your campaign > Settings > Code Snippets:

"Why might I want to NOT show the countdown right away?"

It's really up to you, but a technique we recommend is to only mention your deadline at the END of your marketing funnel. I like to mention it with 72 or 48 hours left in the promotion and then mention it several more times before the promotion is over for the prospect.

We often decide to hold off on putting a countdown in front of them when they first enter the funnel as we find that it works better. However, it's really up to you and you can use Deadline Funnel any way that you want.

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