How to Create an Evergreen Deadline

When to Use an Evergreen Deadline

Use this type of countdown when you want to make the deadline relative to when someone joins your email list or enters your sales funnel. (Note: use this option if you are using an evergreen or rolling promotion.)

How to Create an Evergreen Deadline

1. Create a New Countdown and Select the Countdown Type

Go to Countdowns >> Add New, and select "Evergreen Deadline" under "What Type of Deadline Do You Want?"

Press Next.

2. Choose Your Deadline and Time Zone

This will be the relative deadline in days, time, and time zone that your deadline expires. Enter the relative deadline in days, time, and time zone, then press Next.

Note: The relative deadline will be calculated based on the number of days plus however much time it takes to reach the time you set. For example, in the example shown below, if a customer signs up at 11am, their deadline will expire 3 days and 12 hours from then. For best results keep the time to as close to midnight as possible.

3. Enter the Before and After URLs

Deadline Funnel will direct your visitors to a different URL depending on whether the deadline has expired or not.

Enter the URL you want your visitors to see before the deadline expires in the "BEFORE" Deadline URL field. This is usually a sales page.

Then, enter the URL you want your visitors to be directed to after the deadline expires in the "AFTER" Deadline URL field. This is sometimes a waiting list page, or even a different sales page.

Finally, press Next to go to Step 4.

4. Choose Your Email Provider and Deadline Format

Select your Email Service Provider and Deadline Text Format. Optionally, you can choose to not use email in your promotion.

Specifying your email service provider allows Deadline Funnel to customize the code for your deadline to your email service provider.

The deadline text format will determine how deadlines appear on your web pages and email messages.

Press Next.

5. Name Your Countdown

Enter the Name of your countdown, and the Product that you are promoting.

Press Finish to create your countdown!

6. Choose a Custom URL for Your Countdown

Select the Custom URL you want to use with your newly created countdown, and press Save.

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