Can I Set the Deadline based on the Prospect's Time Zone

Currently the answer is, No. But, we are investigating this feature.

There are two reasons why this feature isn't currently offered:

  1. To replicate a live promotion
  2. To synchronize your automated emails and your deadline

To replicate a live promotion:

Similar to a live promotion like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you would announce to your prospects that the special deal is over at a specific time, day, and time zone.

To synchronize your automated emails and your deadline:

The timing could become an issue if your email software is set for a specific time zone and the deadline were set to each prospect's individual time zone.

We recommend choosing a time zone for your email software that is best for the market you're selling to (for example, for the US market you might want to choose US Pacific time zone) and matching that time zone in Deadline Funnel.

Contact our team if you need any clarification about this. Thx!

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