How to Integrate Deadline Funnel with MailerLite (Optin Form)

Integrating Deadline Funnel with MailerLite using the optin form integration is as simple as adding your Deadline Funnel Tracking Code to your optin page.

In this example, we are using a MailerLite landing page webform.

Create your Webform in MailerLite, selecting the Landing Page option:
Add a 'Code' block to your page:
In Deadline Funnel, click on 'Tracking Code' and copy your Deadline Funnel tracking code:

Paste the tracking code into the code box you added to your MailerLite landing page and click 'Save':
Copy your MailerLite URL:
Return to Deadline Funnel and add your MailerLite URL into your Funnel Steps, choosing 'Their deadline will begin when they opt in':
You can add your Deadline Funnel tracking code to any landing page you build that includes your MailerLite optin form code.

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