How to Trigger a Deadline Manually

You now have the ability to trigger a deadline manually for a specific prospect.

Navigate to the Deadline Funnel campaign you want to use:

Hover over the 'Edit' button for the specific countdown you want to use and note the number you see at the bottom left of the screen, at the end of the URL. This is your campaign ID. In this example, the Campaign ID is 1848.

Navigate to URL in your browser, replacing the placeholders with the Deadline Funnel campaign ID and the subscriber's email address:
For instance, this:

Will become this:

In this example, the campaign ID is 1848 and the email address is 

How this works:

Triggering your deadline funnel this way, starts a deadline for that specific prospect, as soon as you visit that link. 

You have now added them to this specific funnel and will be able to see that email address under Event Tracking in your Deadline Funnel dashboard.

That's it!

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