How to Create a Quick Countdown

In this article we'll show you how to create a quick countdown that is only a few minutes long. 

Many of our clients use this type of countdown for upsell pages or optin thank you pages. 

You also use this same process if you want your evergreen countdown to be a certain number of minutes or hours from when the tracking starts, instead of ending at midnight.

Video Tutorial:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Begin by creating a new 'Evergreen' countdown:
On the next page , select 'Page Trigger':
Name your countdown and select the product you are promoting:
Change the time when the countdown expires to the number of minutes you want by clicking directly on the placeholder settings and selecting minutes instead of days from the drop-down:

Your settings now look like this:

Provide the URL for your Sales Page and select your landing page builder:
Then, provide the URL people should see after the deadline has expired:

That's it, you can finish setting up your countdown adding code to your page in the same way you would with any other countdown.

Note:  You cannot use the same URL as a funnel step in more than one Deadline Funnel campaign. If you need to use the same URL in a different campaign, clone your page and use the second URL as a funnel step in the new campaign.

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