How to Add a Countdown to Instapage

Note:  You need to create a Deadline Funnel campaign before integrating with Instapage.

You can easily add a floating bar countdown timer to any Instapage page using Deadline Funnel.

Video Tutorial:

In your Instapage editor, click 'Add New' to add a new HTML element to your page:

Navigate to 'Tracking Code' in your Deadline Funnel dashboard to copy the Deadline Funnel tracking code for your countdown:

Click 'Edit' and then paste your Deadline Funnel tracking code into the 'HTML' box in Instapage:

Click 'Done' to save your changes:

The Instapage editor will NOT show your countdown timer, even though the code is now present. To view the countdown timer, publish your Instapage and add the published URL to your Funnel Steps:

Adding an Inline Countdown:

If you are on the Instapage Basic plan, you will only be able to add floating bar countdown timers to your Instapages.

If you are on the Professional or Premium plans, you can add inline countdown timers to your Instapages using the Javascript feature to add the inline countdown timer HTML snippet to your page. You can learn more about this Instapage feature here: 

How to insert JavaScript into your Instapage

Once you have added your Deadline Funnel tracking code to an HTML element on your Instapage (as explained above), add your URL to Funnel Steps as 'They'll see an inline timer': 

When you click 'Save Page', a modal will appear with extra HTML for your page. Copy the HTML snippet provided by Deadline Funnel and paste this into your Instapage javascript element:

Save your changes, publish your page and your inline countdown timer will be integrated into your Instapage.

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