How to Integrate Deadline Funnel with a Leadbox

Video Tutorial:

Copy the Deadline Funnel code for your Leadbox by navigating to 'Tracking Code' and clicking on the button to copy your code:

Inside your Leadpages account, click on the name of the Leadbox you want to edit
Click on 'Leadbox Layout' and then 'Add a Section'. A new section will appear in your drag and drop layout.
Click 'Leadbox Widgets' and then click and drag the HTML widget to the section you just created in the previous step. 
Click the < > in the HTML widget you just dragged into the new section in your layout. Paste the Deadline Funnel code into the box shown by the number 2 in the screenshot below. Click Save.
Click Update (or Save) button in the top right corner of your page.
Your Deadline Funnel tracking code is now integrated with your Leadbox. (Please be sure to click 'Save' to save all your page edits.)

Then, be sure to add the URL of the page where your Leadbox will appear, select 'Their deadline will begin when they opt in', add a redirect URL and click 'Save Page':

You are all set!

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