How to Integrate Deadline Funnel with Infusionsoft Landing Pages

You can integrate Deadline Funnel with an InfusionSoft Landing page and display an inline countdown or a floating bar.

Be sure to review Infusionsoft's full tutorial on creating a landing page here:  Create a Landing Page

Integrating Deadline Funnel with an Infusionsoft Landing Page using the Optin Form or Floating Bar setting:

Navigate to 'Goals' and drag the New Landing Page goal onto your campaign builder canvas:

Double-click on the Landing Page goal to open the gallery, select a template to preview the design and then click 'Use this Template':

Double-click the goal to set up the landing page:
Name your Landing Page and complete the other setup steps using the 'Next Step' button:

In the Editor, click 'Add Elements' to add a 'Code' element to the page:

Navigate to 'Tracking Code' in your Deadline Funnel admin and copy your tracking code:

Paste your Deadline Funnel tracking code into the 'Code Snippet' box in the Infusionsoft Landing Page Editor:

Setup your Redirect Destination, then publish your page to the internet:

Copy the URL for your new landing page:

Add the landing page URL into your funnel steps, and select an action based on whether you want the deadline to begin when they opt in or you want to display a floating bar and click 'Save Page' (we're using a floating bar for this demo):

View your landing page to see your floating bar timer:

Integrating Deadline Funnel with an Infusionsoft Landing Page using the Inline Countdown:

Complete steps #1 through #9 above
Add a new row to your page to hold your inline countdown timer:

Add your landing page URL to your Funnel Steps as an Inline Countdown and click 'Save Page':

Copy the HTML snippet from the modal:

Add a 'Code Box' to the new row in your landing page where you want your countdown timer to appear and paste your Deadline Funnel HTML snippet into the Infusionsoft Code box and click 'Save':

Be sure to save all changes to your page and visit your URL to see your countdown in action:

That's it!

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