How to Add an Evergreen Countdown Timer to Leadpages (Standard Template)

The best way to integrate Deadline Funnel with a Leadpage that uses a standard template and does not include a countdown timer is to use the Floating Bar timer. These instructions walk you through how to implement that.

Video Tutorial:

How to Add a Floating Bar Countdown to Leadpages

In the Leadpages editor, click 'Publish' so you can get the exact URL for your published page:
Copy the URL for your live Leadpage:
Navigate to Edit your campaign > Funnel Steps, add your Leadpage URL and select 'They'll see a floating bar timer' as the action, add a redirect URL, and click 'Save Page':

Then copy your Deadline Funnel Code from the 'Tracking' Code section of the admin.

    Return to the Leadpages Editor and click on 'Lead Page Options', then click on 'Tracking Codes':

Paste the Deadline Funnel tracking code into the 'End-of-Body-Tag Tracking Code' box, click 'Done', and then click 'Save' to update:

Click 'Publish' and then 'View Page' to see your published page with the floating bar countdown:

That's it! Your countdown timer has now been added to your Leadpage.

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