How to Create Custom Hidden Fields in ClickFunnels

First, from the ClickFunnels admin click the 'Edit' button for your optin page:
Next, click the 'Email' icon (right side of your ClickFunnels page):
The next four steps refer to this screenshot:

  1. From there you need to choose to copy and paste your html form code ... NOT the api integration. This is because the api integration won't allow you to use hidden fields. 
  2. You paste in your form HTML (do NOT use javascript) 
  3. Then you click the button below the textarea to parse the form. 
  4. Next you will go to the drop-downs below the button and you will choose the drop down for the email so that you’re matching up the field in your form with the email... and also possibly the name filled in your form with the name field in Clickfunnels. 
Then you click 'save' on the right hand side of the navigation inside of Clickfunnels:
And then the last thing that you do is you want to test it out.

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