How to Integrate Deadline Funnel with EverWebinar

How to integrate Deadline Funnel with EverWebinar (EW) and Your Email Software Provider (ESP):

Which method you'll choose will mostly depend on which email software you are using because EverWebinar doesn't integrate with every system in the same way.

If you happen to be using ActiveCampaign or InfusionSoft this gives you the most flexibility because EverWebinar can send a trigger to your email system to apply a tag to the prospect's record when they attend or miss the "live" webinar. Said another way, these are currently the email software systems that BOTH Deadline Funnel and EverWebinar integrate with - and that gives you the most flexibility.

If you are NOT using one of the email systems above, then you'll need to set up your webinar registration options so that all of the choices are on the same day. For example, you could have your registration set up for 3 possible times today (the day they register) or 3 possible times tomorrow... but NOT both. 

Doing this keeps the number of days between the registration event and the deadline for your promotion a specific number of days.

In some cases this might not be ideal for what you had planned, but it's required in order to synchronize the follow up email timing and the Deadline Funnel tracking - since EverWebinar can't send tell your email system to apply a tag.

The next decision is how to integrate Deadline Funnel and your email software... there are two methods.

If you happen to be using MailChimp or ConvertKit or Drip or Ontraport then we recommend that you use our existing API integrations between Deadline Funnel and your email software.

(Note, you also have the option to choose the Optin Integration method described below if you encounter any issues or if you just prefer it)

For any and all other email software systems we recommend using our Optin Integration method.

Currently, the Optin Integration method requires that you set up your registration in another landing page builder such as WordPress, ClickFunnels, or LeadPages (but it could be any HTML builder).

Click the link above that corresponds to your email software to dive deeper into exactly how to integrate EverWebinar, Deadline Funnel, and your email software.

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