How to Integrate Deadline Funnel with EverWebinar

The steps needed to integrate Deadline Funnel with EverWebinar will depend on whether you are using one of these email service providers that we have an API-integration with:

If you're using one of these email service providers, you will want to use the API Integration Method.

Otherwise, you will want to use the Pixel Integration Method.

API Integration Method: 

  • Set up your Deadline Funnel evergreen campaign based on the number of days between when someone attends your webinar and the deadline for your promotion after the webinar, as opposed to, starting the tracking when someone registers for the webinar. For example, for someone who registers on Monday for a Tuesday webinar, Deadline Funnel will calculate the numbers of days between Tuesday and the deadline for the campaign.
  • You'll set up EverWebinar to apply a tag when a subscriber attends your webinar.
  • You must create automation rules in your email service provider account to put your subscriber into a specific email follow-up sequence when the webinar attendance tag is applied to your subscriber's record. The first step in that sequence must be to send an HTTP post (aka WebHook) to Deadline Funnel to coordinate the timing of the emails and the Deadline Funnel deadline.
  • You also have the option to tag subscribers who do not attend your webinar. 
  • We recommend that you also track visitors who immediately click thru from your webinar to your sales page. You can do this using the invisible pixel from Deadline Funnel or simply by putting the webpage code from Deadline Funnel on your sales page.
  • Your prospects will be tracked via email, cookies, and ip address.

Pixel Integration Method:

  • When using an invisible pixel to trigger the Deadline Funnel campaign, this will not appear on the page but will begin tracking the visitor. You can find your  tracking pixel in your Deadline Funnel dashboard under Use It > Settings >> Code Snippets:
  • The pixel must be added to the webinar Live Room page and the replay page.

  • Your prospects will be tracked via cookies and ip address, there is no email tracking provided with this integration but your visitor will still be tracked across devices.
  • If EverWebinar can add a tag to subscribers in your email software based on attendance, then you will want to do this so you can use an automation rule in your email software to move attendees into a specific follow-up sequence. This will coordinate the timing of the emails and the timing of the Deadline Funnel deadline.

Multiple Webinar Registration Options:

The goal is to coordinate the timing of a post-webinar follow-up sequence AND the Deadline Funnel deadline.

If your prospects can register for a webinar on several different dates you'll need to trigger the deadline and new email sequence based on on whether or not they ATTENDED the webinar, NOT based on the day they register. (Example, if Bob registers on Monday but can choose either Monday or Tuesday for the webinar, you want to use the webinar day as the trigger, not the registration day).

And if EverWebinar can integrate with your email software, then you should tag subscribers when they attend (or watch the replay) AND use this tag to move subscribers into a follow-up sequence.

Email Follow-up Instructions:

  • You will be unable to use the email countdown timer or 'deadlinetext' in emails that are sent from EverWebinar as they do not allow the placeholder required to use the subscriber email
  • You can and should use expiring links in your follow-up emails
  • We encourage you to use your email software for follow-up emails so that you have the option to include the Deadline Funnel animated countdown and the specific time and date of your subscriber's deadline, in the body of the email.

That's it!

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