How to Add an Evergreen Countdown Timer to Leadpages (Drag-n-Drop)

Note:  You need to create a Deadline Funnel campaign before integrating with Leadpages.

Below are instructions for integrating a Deadline Funnel Evergreen Countdown Timer with Leadpages using a Drag-n-Drop Template.

Video Tutorial:

How to add a Countdown to Leadpages

In the Leadpages editor, click 'Publish', so you can get the exact URL for your published page, then copy the URL:

Navigate to Use It > Funnel Steps, click 'Add new page' and paste your Leadpages URL in the first box, then select what you would like the page to do (ie. display an inline countdown or floating bar), and you can also specify an After URL if you wish, then click 'Save Page':

If you choose the Floating Bar option, you can paste the Deadline Funnel tracking code into the 'Head Section Tracking Code' in the Tracking > Analytics settings of your Leadpage and click 'Save':

To find the Tracking Code you can click 'Tracking Code' in the left hand menu of the Deadline Funnel admin:

Once you've done that, the Floating Bar will appear on your page.

How to add an Inline Countdown Timer to your Leadpage:

 After you click 'Save Page' under the Funnel Steps, a lightbox will appear with some additional code. You will need to copy this code so you can add it to your Leadpage:

Return to the Leadpages Editor and click on the 'Widgets' icon to add an HTML area where you want your countdown to appear, then click on the HTML widget to open up a little box where you can add your HTML:

Paste the Inline code from Deadline Funnel here and hit 'Save'.

Click 'Update' to update your Leadpage:

Preview your page and you will see your countdown:

You can add multiple HTML widgets to your Leadpage to add additional instances of your countdown to the same page. 

You're all done! Your countdown timer has now been added into your Leadpage.

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