How to add a Countdown to Unbounce

You can easily add a countdown timer to any Unbounce page using Deadline Funnel.

Add a Custom HTML section to your Unbounce page by dragging the 'Custom HTML' object button from the object toolbar onto your landing page:

Navigate to 'Tracking Code' in your Deadline Funnel dashboard to copy the custom HTML code for your countdown:

Paste this code into the 'Embed Custom HTML Code' box in Unbounce and click 'Save Code':

Save Changes for the page:

The Unbounce editor will NOT show your countdown timer, even though the code is now present. To view the countdown timer, Preview your page:

Adding an Inline Countdown:

1. If you are adding an Inline Countdown to your Unbounce page, you will need to add an additional Custom HTML box to your page, at the spot where you want your countdown to appear:

2. Copy and paste the HTML snippet provided by Deadline Funnel:

3.  Paste this HTML snippet into your Custom HTML box and save your changes:

4. Your countdown will appear where you insert the HTML snippet

You're all done! Your countdown timer has now been integrated into your Unbounce page.

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