How to Add a Countdown to WordPress

The Deadline Funnel WordPress plugin offers the simplest way to incorporate Deadline Funnel into your WordPress pages.

Video Tutorial

Install the Plugin:

Navigate to Edit Your Campaign > Settings > Code Snippets. Here you'll need to copy the Integration Key for the Wordpress Plugin, and then download the Wordpress plugin:

In the Plugins section of your WordPress dashboard, click Add New > Upload Plugin, Select the plugin from your files and click Install Now, once that's done click Active Plugin.
Now scroll down to the new Deadline Funnel section and paste the Integration key you copied from Deadline Funnel into the API Key box, then click 'Save Settings':

Now your Deadline Funnel plugin has been successfully installed! :)

Note:  Your Deadline Funnel Tracking code will be automatically added to every page on your WordPress site. The countdown timer will not appear until you add your pages to the Funnel Steps and tell Deadline Funnel what kind of countdown to show.

Adding the countdown timer to your page:

Navigate to the Funnel Steps in your Deadline Funnel admin. Here's where you'll add the URL of your WordPress page, select the action you want to happen, and the URL where you want the page to redirect when the deadline expires, then click 'Save Page's:

Note:  If you select the Floating Bar option, once you hit save the countdown will appear on your page. However, if you wish to use the Inline Countdown, there are some additional steps.

If you are using the Inline Countdown, you'll need to grab some additional code from Settings > Code Snippets:

   Paste the shortcode into your WordPress page wherever you want your inline countdown to appear and update your WordPress page:

Your countdown will now appear on your page when you click preview or publish the page:

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