Recent Software Updates

The Deadline Funnel team adds new features and enhancements regularly to help you achieve better conversions and results.

Bookmark this page and check back regularly for all of the latest developments.

Recent Updates:

03/09/17 Improvement Updated settings are for setting deadlines
03/08/17 Fix Fixed issue with showing/hiding text on sales page depending on the countdown
03/08/17 Improvement Updated article on integrating Everwebinar with Deadline Funnel using the optin integration
03/07/17 Improvement Updated the Deadline Funnel WordPress Plugin
03/06/17 Improvement Dropdown updated to only show non-deleted Products
02/23/17 Improvement Added 2 new funnel steps to the Deadline Funnel admin and updated knowledgebase articles
02/22/17 Improvement Made the integration between Deadline Funnel and Survey Funnel easier
02/21/17 Improvement Updated the default email countdown image
02/20/17 Improvement Added Instapage and Infusionsoft to landing page builder options
02/14/17 Fix Improved ConvertKit integration
02/13/17 Fix Added a new features page for Deadline Funnel
02/09/17 Improvement Deadline Funnel moved out of Zapier's beta
02/08/17 Fix Fixed issue with using a wildcard in the Funnel Steps
02/08/17 Improvement Added Thinkific as a landing page builder option
02/07/17 Fix Fixed style issue with circular countdown
02/07/17 Fix Fixed UI for Email Embed tab
02/06/17 Fix Fixed issue with extra space at top or bottom of page when closing floating bar
01/30/17 Fix Updated Dutch translation
01/17/17 Fix Updated code so the Events > Stats screen loads much faster
01/16/17 Fix Fixed issue with floating bar still showing after countdown hit zero if countdown was set to hide, not redirect
01/10/17 Fix Updated code to allow Deadline Funnel to work with a popup that prevents you from leaving the page until you click a button
01/09/17 Fix Fixed issue with quick countdown showing the wrong deadline in the tracking details view
01/03/17 Fix Fixed issue with sizing in Deadline Funnel email countdowns that caused a blank white space after deadline expiration in limited cases
01/02/17 Improvement Added new date format for just the day of the week
12/20/16 Improvement Added ability to  use an inline and floating bar countdown timer on the same page
11/24/16 Improvement Updated Ontraport documentation for using custom fields
11/23/16 Improvement Published documentation on integrating Deadline Funnel with  Instapage and the Rainmaker platform.
11/21/16 Improvement Added new date format to Deadline Funnel options
11/09/16 Fix Fixed issue with Deadline Funnel tracking code on Leadboxes
11/08/16 Fix Fixed issue with inline timers showing on Android
11/07/16 Improvement Added Teachable to landing page options
10/28/16 Fix Fixed issue the Infusionsoft API listener
10/27/16 Improvement Added labels to the circular countdown email images (days, hours, etc.)
10/25/16 Fix Fixed issue affecting re-directs after the deadline has passed for circular countdowns
10/24/16 Fix Fixed issue with Portuguese translation
10/17/16 Fix Fixed issue with time zone set with 'Quick Countdown'
10/14/16 Improvement Clarified date choices for MM/DD vs DD/MM
10/13/16 Improvement Improved sort order for Deadline Funnel date choices
10/12/16 Improvement Improved the styling for circular countdowns deployed on webpages
10/11/16 Improvement Added circular countdown for email
10/10/16 Feature Introduced integration with Zapier
10/06/16 Fix Fixed bug with labels not changing for circular countdown
10/05/16 Fix Fixed bug with displaying a custom email provider
10/05/16 Improvement Added Ontrapages to landing page options
10/04/16 Fix Fixed bug with Safari date string
10/04/16 Fix Fixed placeholder for ConvertKit
10/03/16 Fix Fixed issue with ? at the end of the Funnel Step URL
10/03/16 Improvement Added 3 general date formats and date formats in French, German, and Portuguese
09/27/16 Feature Added new customized step-by-step checklist for creating countdowns
09/26/16 Improvement Added the option to use hex color codes on all color pickers
09/22/16 Improvement Added feature that automatically adds the optin URL to funnel steps when new countdowns are created
09/21/16 Improvement Improved URL validation for Deadline Funnel workflow
09/20/16 Improvement Updated Advanced section with snippets for showing and hiding content
09/19/16 Feature Released new  Deadline Funnel WordPress Plugin
09/16/16 Improvement Deployed new simplified countdown creation workflow
09/15/16 Fix Fixed bug using the circular countdown and float bar
09/14/16 Fix Fixed issue with expiring link inconsistency in the Deadline Funnel admin
09/14/16 Fix Fixed bug with API integration when using emails with a '+' sign
09/13/16 Fix Fixed issue with floating bar settings not saving the first time a new countdown is created
09/12/16 Fix Fixed issue with Spanish Deadline Funnel translation
09/01/16 Fix Fixed issue with sales conversion pixel display in Safari browser
08/31/16 Fix Fixed Drift chat code intermittently showing twice on admin pages
08/30/16 Fix Fixed issue with occasional error on Deadline Funnel tracking code
08/30/16 Fix Fixed issue with date parsing in 'Settings' tab
08/29/16 Fix Fixed issue with MailChimp API integration flow
08/29/16 Fix Fixed bug with Safari browser logging clients out
08/29/16 Improvement Deployed new simplified and streamlined 'Use it' area to increase ease of use
08/26/16 Improvement Changed deploy code so that members are no longer logged out on deploy
08/25/16 Improvement Updated Portuguese translation
08/25/16 Fix Fixed "login as client" button for consultant-level clients
08/24/16 Fix Fixed issue with MailChimp sending too many webhooks
08/23/16 Fix Fixed lightbox sometimes not showing in Funnel Steps
08/22/16 Fix Fixed integration with AW Pro Tools
08/19/16 Improvement Deployed new circular countdown
08/18/16 Fix Fixed couponcode randomness
08/18/16 Improvement Made expiring link URLs consistent in software admin
08/17/16 Improvement Added additional email service providers to the integration drop-down
08/17/16 Improvement Funnel steps now treat www and non-www URLs the same
08/16/16 Fix Fixed bug with Ontraport api
08/15/16 Feature Released  Teachable documentation
08/15/16 Improvement Updated tracking code to work with custom LeadPages template
08/12/16 Improvement Updated floating bar CSS for when no deadlinetext is shown
08/11/16 Fix Fixed CSS to make code load even faster
08/11/16 Fix Fixed floating bar bug with Safari
08/10/16 Fix Fixed bug with clicking minus button on 'Track Visitors Forever'
08/09/16 Feature Released  API Integration with MailChimp
08/01/16 Improvement Installed Drift chat option for faster client communication
08/01/16 Fix Fixed issue related to changing the Product group for a Deadline Funnel campaign
07/29/16 Fix Fixed issue with ActiveCampaign api setup
07/28/16 Improvement Improved api queue processing
07/27/16 Fix Fixed issue with Funnel Steps admin not showing long URLs completely
07/26/16 Fix Fixed issue with annual signup option
07/20/16 Fix Fixed issue with floating bar countdown showing twice (under certain specific conditions)
07/19/16 Improvement Improved API test response to give clients more information about why an API test didn't work
07/19/16 Feature Added new feature that allows clients to redirect browsers that don't accept cookies
07/18/16 Fix Fixed issue with vs
07/18/16 Improvement Launched  new user interface
07/08/16 Fix Fixed issue with multiple countdowns on Leadpages
07/07/16 Fix Fixed issue with ActiveCampaign HTTP post handler when fields were not passed
07/06/16 Fix Fixed issue with Consultant level accounts not being able to add new clients
07/05/16 Fix Fixed delayed loading of optin form pixel
06/25/16 Improvement Deployed new  smoother and simpler API workflow
06/25/16 Fix Fixed issue with InfusionSoft API connections
06/24/16 Improvement Implemented NGINX directives for faster loading of JS to increase speed and stability
06/22/16 Fix Fixed several bugs with the new static JS to substantially increase speed and performance
06/20/16 Improvement Updated API to work with Quick Countdowns as well as Evergreen Countdowns
06/16/16 Improvement Added headers to animated countdown images for better performance in Gmail
06/15/16 Fix Fixed an issue with Quick Countdown calculations in the admin
06/13/16 Fix Fixed Deadline Funnel only replacing the first timer on a LeadPages page if multiple timers are present
06/07/16 Feature Added feature that Floating Bar countdown timers disappear when the countdown reaches zero
06/03/16 Feature Released  integration with Actionetics
05/28/16 Improvement Added the ability to search "Results" by IP address
05/27/16 Feature Added Turkish language translation
05/26/16 Fix Fixed a bug with custom (uploaded) expired countdown images
05/20/16 Feature There are 2 new classes for adding dynamic text to a countdown page--text changes based on whether the deadline has passed or not.
05/19/16 Improvement Images files uploaded by users are now stored on Amazon S3
05/18/16 Fix Fixed countdown preview in the admin not showing saved changes
05/17/16 Feature Released new  integration between Deadline Funnel and Survey Funnel software
05/16/16 Improvement Released new personalized help section for knowledgebase    
05/12/16 Fix Fixed an optin integration issue with ClickFunnels 
05/10/16 Improvement Updated timeline for ActiveCampaign marketplace automation 
04/14/16 Fix Fixed an issue with required fields on Deep Dive Surveys
04/12/16 Fix Fixed an issue with the Deep Dive Survey thank you page redirection

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