How to Add Dynamic Text to Your Web Pages

Deadline Funnel lets you display your site visitor's deadline on your web page, personalized for each visitor. We have two methods for doing this.

How to Put Your Prospect's Actual Deadline Right On Your Web Page

This example code enables you to add the 'deadlinetext' text to your web page:

The doors close <span class="deadlinetext">when the countdown reaches zero</span>

Everything between the span markup will be replaced with the actual deadline for your visitor.

The key is to use class="deadlinetext" 

And you MUST choose a deadlinetext format when you create the Deadline Funnel campaign or you can edit this in Settings >> Email:

How to add Dynamic Countdown Text to your Web Page

This code will add text to your web page that is counting backwards just like your countdown timer.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Add your Deadline Funnel tracking code to your web page and publish it:

Navigate in Deadline Funnel to Settings >> Code Snippets and copy the 'Dynamic Countdown Text':
Paste the dynamic countdown text into your page and save changes:
Refresh your page and you will now see the dynamic countdown text which mirrors your countdown timer.

That's it! You have 2 methods of adding dynamic text to your web pages.

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