How to Set Up a Sales Tracking Pixel in Deadline Funnel

It is very simple to track sales from your funnel by adding sales tracking to your Thank You pages.  This will make it easy for you to see how your countdown timer affects sales.

Create a new countdown or select the countdown timer you want to use
Make sure the 'BEFORE' Deadline URL contains your tracking code and has been added to your Funnel Steps:

Add your 'Thank You' page to Funnel Steps and select 'Deadline Funnel will track their purchase' for what will happen:

In your Deadline Funnel admin, under My Account >> Sales Tracking, be sure to tell Deadline Funnel how much each sale is worth by assigning a value for each sale as shown here:

After someone enters your funnel, then completes a purchase, the purchase will be tracked using your tracking code.
You can view your results in the 'Sales Tracking'. In the image below, we have had 1 sale of our product, at $250 each, for a total of $250:


  • Only one tracker can be set for a single countdown
  • A sale can only be recorded one time

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