How to Personalize Your Emails with the Deadline Text Field

Once you've either:

  • Integrated Deadline Funnel with your optin form
  • Integrated Deadline Funnel using the API method

You should have custom fields in your email software (or CRM) including one that holds the "deadline text" value for your prospects.

Now you can use this as a placeholder in your emails so that you can put in the actual time, day of week, and even time zone of their deadline.

The exact workflow depends on which email software (or CRM) you're using but the general process is the same.

Here's what you do:

When you're creating an email you choose to personalize the emails, you can insert placeholders into the text of your email. These are values that your email software will automatically put in the data from the customer record. 

For example, you can insert the customer's name or email. That's standard out of the box.

Your email software will have other standard placeholders. Perhaps their IP address, or the date they were added (subscribed).

And it's the same process for adding the customer's deadline text. Your email software will also show you the custom fields you've created.

Just choose the "deadline text" custom field from this list of available custom fields and then it will be populated with their actual deadline when the email is sent out.

Make sure to test before using this in a live marketing campaign.

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