How to Customize the Animated Email Countdown Timer

This video and tutorial show how to customize the appearance of your email countdown timer. You can customize the labels, colors, font and text of your timer.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Navigate to Edit your campaign >  Appearance > Email Timer:
Here you can edit all of the timer appearance options:
  1. Choose a countdown font
  2. Choose a countdown font color
  3. Scroll through and select a Countdown Style
  4. Click the toggle to show or hide the labels
  5. Edit the text for the labels which appear under your countdown timer

Changing the Size of your Animated Countdown Timer

The HTML image code provided for your email countdown timer includes a width of 400:

If you change the number in the code to a smaller number, it will make your email countdown timer smaller.

Click here for more information about how to upload custom images for your email timer.

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