How to Reset Tracking for Prospects

There are several ways to reset tracking for your Deadline Funnel campaigns:

  1. You can reset tracking for a specific person in your funnel
  2. You can reset your own personal tracking
  3. You can reset tracking for your entire funnel

How to Reset Tracking for a Specific Person

Click on 'Event tracking' in the sidebar of your Deadline Funnel dashboard:

Type your prospect's email into the search box to locate him/her in your Deadline Funnel campaign and click 'Filter':

When you find the entry you want to reset, click on the Delete button:

Alternatively, you could send a link to reset their tracking by visiting Edit your campaign > Testing, and copying the 'Public Reset Tracking Link'. In order to use this link you will need to set a password and the length of time before the link expires. Be sure to click 'Save' after you set your password and expiration time for the public reset tracking link:

How to Reset YOUR Tracking (great for testing your funnel):

You can navigate to Edit your campaign > Testing and click the 'Clear Tracking' button to clear your own personal tracking for that funnel. This will not clear anyone else's tracking:

How to Reset Tracking for your Entire Funnel:

The best way to re-use your funnel is to clone the funnel and any corresponding pages.

If you cannot clone your campaign, you can contact the support desk and we will reset your funnel for you.

If you have any questions, please let us know at

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