How to Reset Tracking for Prospects

There are several ways to reset tracking for your Deadline Funnel campaigns:

  1. You can reset tracking for a specific person in your funnel
  2. You can reset your own personal tracking
  3. You can reset tracking for your entire funnel

How to Reset Tracking for a Specific Person

Click on 'Event tracking' in the sidebar of your Deadline Funnel dashboard:

Type your prospect's email into the search box to locate him/her in your Deadline Funnel campaign and click 'Filter':

When you find the entry you want to reset, click on the Delete button:

Alternatively, you could send a link to reset their tracking by visiting Edit your campaign > Testing, and copying the 'Public Reset Tracking Link'. In order to use this link you will need to set a password and the length of time before the link expires. Be sure to click 'Save' after you set your password and expiration time for the public reset tracking link:

How to Reset YOUR Tracking (great for testing your funnel):

You can navigate to Edit your campaign > Testing and click the 'Clear Tracking' button to clear your own personal tracking for that funnel. This will not clear anyone else's tracking:

How to Reset Tracking for your Entire Funnel:

You can delete all the tracking for your funnel by visiting Event Tracking:

Then click 'Delete all event tracking for this campaign':

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