How to Integrate Deadline Funnel Using the Optin Form Feature

The Optin Form feature in Deadline Funnel is a powerful tool that allows you to assign a value to a placeholder on your email list that specifies what the specific deadline is for each individual subscriber.

Optin Forms are completely optional, but should be used if:

  1. You're using an evergreen deadline with a relative deadline (X days from when a person subscribes)
  2. You want to include the deadline specific to each subscriber in your email promotions (i.e., "Just a reminder, this special offer for you expires on Wednesday, March 30th at 5:00 pm EST")
Create Custom Fields in Your Email Service Provider
First, you need to create a custom field in your email provider to store the deadline text. Custom fields are supported in most email providers.

Three Methods of Creating Custom Fields

When you create custom fields, depending on the platform being used sometimes there is more or less flexibility with how you can customize the names of the fields. Deadline Funnel can work with your custom fields in the following ways:

A. Set the Default Value of Custom Fields

Change the default value of your custom field to "deadlinetext," and Deadline Funnel can recognize the field and autopopulate it with the correct values.

<input type="hidden" name="anyname" value="deadlinetext"><br>
B. Change the Names of Custom Fields

As long as the name of your custom field has "deadline" in it (all lower-case, one word), Deadline Funnel can recognize the field and autopopulate it with the correct values. 

This will work:

<input type="hidden" name="deadline"><br>
And this will work:
<input type="hidden" name="deadline_field">

As will this:

<input type="hidden" name="customdeadline">
C. Add a Class to Custom Fields

Add a class "deadlinetextfield" to your custom field's input element, and Deadline Funnel can recognize the field and autopopulate it with the correct values.

<input type="hidden" name="anyname" class="deadlinetextfield">
Create a Custom Optin Form in Your Email Service Provider
Now that you have the custom fields created, you need to create a custom sign up form and add the "deadlinetext" field to your custom sign up form. You can find instructions for creating a signup form in your email service provider account. For instance, here are articles on setting up signup forms for Aweber and MailChimp:

Creating a signup form in AWeber:

Setting a signup form in MailChimp:

Add Optin Form Code on Your Web Page

Get the code for the raw HTML version of the optin form you just created, and copy/paste that code on your web page.

Note: It's important to use the HTML version of the optin form and not the JavaScript version, to avoid any conflicts.

Add Deadline Funnel Code to Your Web Page

In Deadline Funnel, go to ' Tracking Code' and copy and paste the code in the box onto the same page of your website that you copied the Optin Form in the previous step.

Control a Prospect Already in the Funnel

To prevent a prospect who is already in the funnel from viewing the optin form, go to Use It > Settings> Advanced, and click the toggle to Yes. Then, enter the URL you want the subscriber to be redirected to if they visit the optin page and click 'Save'.

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