How to Integrate Deadline Funnel Using the Optin Form Feature

One of the best methods for triggering your countdown is through our Optin Form trigger. This allows you to start a prospect's deadline based on when they opt into your list.

Integrating Deadline Funnel with your Optin Page/Form:

To start you'll need to grab your Deadline Funnel Tracking Code:

You're going to add this code to your optin page or form. If you have a section for adding custom tracking codes, that would be ideal. But the header of the page will also work.

Open up the page where your optin is located and copy the URL in the address bar.

Now go into your Deadline Funnel account and click Edit your campaign > Funnel Steps and select 'Add New Page':

You'll paste the URL of your optin page here, select 'Their deadline will begin when the opt-in' and hit 'Save Page'. Now you're ready to test it out!

Testing the optin trigger

To test you'll navigate back to your optin page/form and opt-in with a new email address. Then check under Event Tracking in Deadline Funnel to verify that the email address has been added. And you're all set! The deadline will now begin based on when a prospect opts-in to your list. :)

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