How to Use Expiring Links

How to Create Expiring Links

Copy and paste the Expiring URL code into your emails or web page to link to your countdown. If the countdown is active, visitors will be directed to the Before Deadline URL; if the countdown is expired visitors will be directed to the After Deadline URL.

Notice (in the red square) that Deadline Funnel shows you the URLs where your subscribers will go when they click the countdown (or an expiring link) depending on whether it's before or after the deadline.

And if you have created alternate URLs, you can change the copy and paste code for your animated image by clicking the dropdown at the top of this screen (see red number One).

To create alternate URLs, you go to Use It > Advanced Options > URLs

The purpose of alternate URLs is to give you accurate tracking across all devices while letting you link in your emails to different pages in your funnel. We recommend that you use the Deadline Funnel expiring URLs in any and all emails in your Deadline Funnel campaign. In other words, use your expiring links in all emails you send to subscribers that are being tracked by Deadline Funnel.

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