How To Protect Expiring Links

If you have multiple pages in your funnel and you're creating an evergreen launch sequence you might be wondering:

"When I use an expiring link, the URL they land on is not obfuscated (hidden) so what if they bookmark this page? How can I prevent them from keeping this open in their browser or re-opening the bookmark?"

Deadline Funnel helps you solve this by giving you the ability to put the countdown on multiple pages AND to hide the countdown completely until you want to show it.

So in this scenario, you'd use the expiring link AND you would put the countdown code on the page they arrive at.

However, you probably don't want to show the countdown... so here's what you do:

Navigate to Edit your campaign > Settings > Advanced and toggle the 'Delay showing countdown or floating bar' to yes:
Set the number of hours to '0' (zero) in the 'Hide Countdown until This Many Hours Left' box:

Using this setting, the countdown will never be shown, but when the countdown expires, the visitor will be redirected to the "After" URL even if they have the page bookmarked or leave it open in a tab.

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